Friday, June 24, 2005

Bam Bam

Well the last few days has been everything but unproductive. I spent Tuesday night at Benihana with a friend from high school and somehow after "shrimp in hat tricks" ended up at the peninsula Hotel rooftop bar. This place is not only beautiful and overlooking fifth avenue, but it is also filled with people who don't leave home without their gold amex and it doesn't matter that the drinks start at $20 a pop. I think this is the only place in NY where the well vodka is Grey Goose. So after a couple of hours of schmoozing with attorneys, I decide to invite my Czar friend to meet me for a drink. Never did I think it would turn into a night of screaming on 5th at 2am. The Czar became a sloppy drunk and yelled at the bartender for bringing him Johnny Walker Black instead of Blue. I thought people usually get into arguments about paying less for a drink not more ? ? ? Regardless, I was so embarrassed and the attorneys and my Investment Banker almost had a brawl in their Italian made suits. What a night! The week only got better. Thursday night I got invited to a private party at BED. The concept of 10-12 drunk people on a bed partying it up is brilliant. The man who conjured it up is a genius. After way to many free vodka martinis (open bar is sooo dangerous) I somehow ended up on a bed with Don Vito and some of the other crew from Viva la Bam. By the way for any one who has seen the show, yes Don Vito is as disgusting as he is on tv (and fat). So after many tit grabbing attempts (some successful) to evey woman on the bed, we went to the bathroom. When we return to bed, a large man with platinum blonde hair, a goatee, bandana, and a tank top is standing next to me. Who is this man in blue? Except the one and only Hulk Hogan. Talk about lame celebrity sighting another sudo famous celebrity has joined the group..Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan, and I think Linda too (after the second trashy platinum blonde, you loose track)
The night ended with me in the East Village. WTF! Luckily, a bunch of drunk dials to the Czar resulted in a car service rescue before I ended going home with some movie producer from Cannes. When I wake up from this really bad reality show, someone let me know.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

In a nutshell...

I am so behind on updating everyone on the events of my life, so I am going to try to sum it up in one blog entry. Pull up some popcorn and a chair please. The Greek has left the island of Manhattan on July 5th. I spend the night before at the Cafeteria in Chelsea eating Mac and cheese and saying my good-byes. This is the second time I have said farewell over Mac and cheese at this place, the first was with the BF. My favorite dish has become a staple of bitterness and sad moments. The airport drop off was more stressful then it was sad. Of course my best friend has a habit of always being late. Mark my words there is going to be a gorgeous Greek running down the aisle in Hong Kong screaming "Wait don't hold the wedding without me!" Anyway, so as you probably already guessed she took her time getting to the airport for her flight that morning. Most airlines ask for a two-three hour in advance for check in to international flights..NO! Try one hour before flying. How does she do it? So after speeding down NJ Turnpike (which if anyone knows me, was more like 60MPH). We made it and she jumped out and was off. I miss her so much, but I am already planning my New Years in Hong Kong. In the past three weeks, I have been keeping busy at the gym, Bruce Lee here I come. The remainder of my time has been spent doing dinner, movies, drinks with friends old and new. The new friend is the Star Wars bartendar from my favorite locale in the Greenwich Village on my last blog entry. As per some previous blogs, I have questioned in the past whether men and women can be friends. The problem is I think they can but the guys always seem to screw it up by wanting to screw me. However, I have proven with my new established friendship that it is indeed possible. I have made it very clear that I have a BF yet we have exchanged many late nights together, movies and even a crashing at my place...And all VERY platonic (seperate bedrooms of course) So I am proud of myself. Then just when I thought the experiment was over. I come across a friend of the Greek last week, and we spent the night sharing French cuisine and enjoying our platonic conversation. Just when I am ready to add this man to the rest of my safe male friends. (But no worries, because no one is better then my Asian BF or my Virginian gun fighter-you know who you are :) All of a sudden, my bubble was busted. I was on my best behavior (no comments from the peanut gallery please), when the Russian banker decided to profess his undying love to me (okay I am exaggerating). But he did make it quite clear that if the BF decides to run off with some hot Mexican or just decides to screw up - He would be there waiting. ARGH! Why is it when you don't want them they all show up from the woodwork? Yet, when you need them it is drier then the Sahara? Nevertheless, I will continue the goody two shoes path and hope that I will not have to make that decision. Aside from the very uncomfortable conversation with the Czar, Friday night was also filled with a great couple of hours of drinking French wine at Paradou in the meat packing with my friend from law school. The dinner consisted of good looking metrosexual French waiters, but very slow service. It was nice to finally see each other outside of the large auditorium room, full of laptops with our contracts teacher showing chest hair. That's for you Prn! Last but not least, I have tried two things in the last couple of weeks that is not normal for me. Reading a piece of fiction, and seeing a science fiction film. If you have not already guessed which movie - Star Wars. And guess what guys?? I hated them both, especially the book. (I will not mention the title to avoid persecution). I guess some things will never change. Until next time.