Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wills, Trusts and Estate

Am I the only person who loves typing the afterborn? Ohh Bar/bri, after 2 days of Wills I am not sure why I sort of have this morbid interest toward it. You taught me "You cant screw your spouse when you die". Well, I really don't think anyone will be doing much screwing at all under 6 ft of dirt but I suppose that stupid saying works because I can't get it out of my head. We spent hours learning about dead people, not sure what I like more except maybe watching "Intervention" because then I can always tell myself at least I am not a crack whore.

Why its all going to be okay

Because we will always have nights at the Four Seasons. Yes, one of the many things that keep bitsandgiggles and I best of friends is that 1) we both love gossip (oh and gossip girl but that is recent) 2) we both are total type A personality (who else color tabs their flashcards and books 3 hotels for the bar 6 months in advance?? We do) 3) We both LOVE to eat out at really nice places. We are foodies! I said it. Don't judge just bathe in the envy. NY is a plethora of Michelin star restaurants and top chefs, why not? It doesn't matter that we will both always be a little broke because of it. Without Daniel, Bouley, Batali, Morimoto, Jean George, Keller, Ducasse, and more wonderful beautiful people who cook so well that my mouth waters just thinking about it. Not to mention, the people watching and the nights when we can pretend we are rich. It doesn't matter if neither of us had mink coats on Saturday, because we also do not have botox (not yet that is). I may not own a 2 bedroom on CPW or UES, but my dog wears burberry too and I have furry earmuffs and gloves to match the best of them. So whenever I think I am having a bad day or when I wish things would get better...I just remember there are still plenty of places left for kim and I to be glamorous even if only for one night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wait for me Kentucky!

I had a half ass meltdown the other day. We are 5 weeks....5 WEEKS away! And to me that is not enough time. A typical day for me is 4 hours of lecture, 30 min for lunch, 4 hours of reviewing and outlining my notes at the lovely NYPL, and then go home. I leave myself about 1 hour for dinner and by now it is probably 7 or 8 pm, so I then do either 1-2 essays and often 33 MBE too. Assuming it is not Monday and then I give myself 45 min for gossip girl (since I fast forward through the commercials). Now they started to assign MPT's so that is somehow going to have to be incorporated before 11:00 pm which is when I put an end to all of this madness and I watch one episode of Rome. Ahhh....then to sleep to begin the routine all over again. But weekends are harder for me, I sleep in and after a big breakfast (sometimes brunch) I start working on bar stuff. I am occasionally distracted with the dog, or the Midwestern or bad lifetime movies. So it may be a 12 hour day but choppy. Well this Saturday, I was given the proposition to have a study break and go do NY Restaurant Week (which I never miss) at Country. The same place where the Midwestern proposed for the 2nd time. So I hesitated and then said screw it. Threw on my burgundy velvet blazer, my rabbit fur earmuffs, and black BCBG stilettos and I was off! Except somehow my goal was to leave by midnight. So how did it become 2:00 am. I was so mad at myself and at the Midwestern because even though no one put a gun to my head I felt I had to hold someone responsible. Why didn't he say no to the last bourbon? Why didn't I say I had to go home after dinner? I thought about how in 5 hours I could have done 5 essays and I started counting down how many weeks, then days, then hours left until the bar. I think a cold sweat came over me at 2:45 am on the path train going home. I have decided something has to give. No, it won't be the Four Seasons this Saturday for bitsandgiggles birthday because I can never turn down an offer to wear my coat with the fur collar and a little black dress. But I do need to start saying no to the 3 am nights that include lots of bourbon. Don't people understand I need to do MBE's until my eyes bleed and write essays until my fingers fall off!! So in protest I spent 4 days straight in sweats, studying and I don't think more than one shower existed. Sorry to share that news with you, but Bar/bri gave us off for Martin Luther King and then for Obama and well I got lazy. I also did 4 essays and listened to 4 hours of property lecture and a MPT. I did still see 1 movie, 1 episode of Rome, Obama, and played with the dog. But there was no dinner at Country or drinking fancy martinis, so I somehow feel I have cleansed myself. God help me on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To fellow Bar/bri students

This message goes out to the girl who sits in the live lecture room on the left side about 3 rows from the front with the tattoo on her back. Yes you! Why in the world do you insist on taking off your Uggs in class? But more importantly why do you insist on not wearing socks? Did someone once tell you that you have cute toes - well they lied! No one really wants to see your un pedicured feet while we are trying to concentrate on the Statute of Frauds. Also I am not sure if perhaps you are going through menopause at an early age too but keep your clothes on all over. I saw you take off your sweatshirt today and sit in class with your very large saggy boobs popping out of your tank top. You do realize it is winter? It is January!

Now this next message goes to the guy who was sitting behind me today. Do not think I did not see you take your shoes off too. I will thank you for keeping your socks on unlike stripper girl to the left of us, but nevertheless please try to keep your shoes on. I do not want to smell your feet and I do not want to see your feet (whether they have socks on or not). Contracts is hard enough without the two of you distracting me even more.

Thank you

Friday, January 09, 2009

Your not my Rock of Lust

Okay there is only one thing better than Rock of Love. No not a re-run of Flava of Love. It is Rock of Love Bus 3. Listen, after doing 60 MBE questions on a Friday night I have every right to watch trashy reality tv with a hairband rockstar who wears eyeliner.

P.S. Casting for Season 2 of Life of a bar student in 2 weeks

Question of the Day?

Why does the NY Public Library smell like baked bread?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stolen Lines #1

"I tried to think of the right answer. Unable to think of that, I spoke anyway."
It was midnight or so on my wedding night, and she asked me if anything had changed. I said yes, I couldn't resist. The amount of champagne had taken over my rational conscious stream of thought and I blurted out what I really thought. People grow apart, it's okay that we are not as close as before. Our lives are different now, ad we just need to accept that. This was one of the most important days of my life and I needed you and you failed me. You dissapointed me and I did not feel that you were there when I needed you most. I will always love you, but this is for the best. The words may not have been exact since the alcohol still makes it all sort of fuzzy. Either way, it's been 6 months and we still have not spoken and I am okay with that. I occasionally have a thought of how she is doing but nothing that warrants a phone call. Sometimes if you cant think of the answer you need to speak anyway.

I stole the first two sentences from "Night of the Avenging Blowfish", by John Welter.


Well I have not had a chance to write in the blog yet about what I have had to endured since December 17th. Here is the update: I have listened to 67 hours of lectures, I have walked about 550 NYC blocks, I have completed 369 multiple choice questions, I have outlined 5 essays, I have carried about 80 lbs of books, I have spent 28 hours at the NYPL, and I have typed about 17,417 words of notes. The funny news is that I still have about 48 days left until the bar which makes me sick to my stomach. In the interim, here is a brief description of just some of the other crazy nutcase people taking the bar with me: A pregnant lady, a bride to be, a crazy russian lady who takes her seat very seriously, a girl who doesn't believe in shoes or SOCKS! A lot of ESL people, and best of all me - A cynic with a type A personality who has a slight case of ADD and likes reality shows, stilletos, and eating out. So explain to me why I just went to Office Depot to buy a posterboard so that I can draw a chart of the Bar/bri paced program, with a column for Qty of MBE questions, essays, with % scores. What's next a pie graph?