Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To fellow Bar/bri students

This message goes out to the girl who sits in the live lecture room on the left side about 3 rows from the front with the tattoo on her back. Yes you! Why in the world do you insist on taking off your Uggs in class? But more importantly why do you insist on not wearing socks? Did someone once tell you that you have cute toes - well they lied! No one really wants to see your un pedicured feet while we are trying to concentrate on the Statute of Frauds. Also I am not sure if perhaps you are going through menopause at an early age too but keep your clothes on all over. I saw you take off your sweatshirt today and sit in class with your very large saggy boobs popping out of your tank top. You do realize it is winter? It is January!

Now this next message goes to the guy who was sitting behind me today. Do not think I did not see you take your shoes off too. I will thank you for keeping your socks on unlike stripper girl to the left of us, but nevertheless please try to keep your shoes on. I do not want to smell your feet and I do not want to see your feet (whether they have socks on or not). Contracts is hard enough without the two of you distracting me even more.

Thank you

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