Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Well I have not had a chance to write in the blog yet about what I have had to endured since December 17th. Here is the update: I have listened to 67 hours of lectures, I have walked about 550 NYC blocks, I have completed 369 multiple choice questions, I have outlined 5 essays, I have carried about 80 lbs of books, I have spent 28 hours at the NYPL, and I have typed about 17,417 words of notes. The funny news is that I still have about 48 days left until the bar which makes me sick to my stomach. In the interim, here is a brief description of just some of the other crazy nutcase people taking the bar with me: A pregnant lady, a bride to be, a crazy russian lady who takes her seat very seriously, a girl who doesn't believe in shoes or SOCKS! A lot of ESL people, and best of all me - A cynic with a type A personality who has a slight case of ADD and likes reality shows, stilletos, and eating out. So explain to me why I just went to Office Depot to buy a posterboard so that I can draw a chart of the Bar/bri paced program, with a column for Qty of MBE questions, essays, with % scores. What's next a pie graph?

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