Thursday, September 24, 2009


Saratoga holds some dear memories to me, it includes Sven my burly good looking Eastern European maintenance man who saved the day. Okay actually his name was Jason, and he was a skinny American guy who basically installed a new A/C in my room. Hell I am allowed to dream. I wore a purple scarf to the exam even though it was July and 95 degrees outside. I had amazing bagels, a wacko yoga teacher that basically told me that I brought the bar exam into the room. Shoot I can't help it if the exam wanted to do some downward dog. The 3 days also consisted of good food and wine. Why? because Bitsandgiggles rocks! And what is a bar exam without White Sangria and peanut butter cupcakes. Let us not forget the purple kids watch with the second hand that was shaped like a flower which got me through 21 hrs of testing. Not to mention the jerk who chewed Mike and Ike's during the MBE, or the thunderstorm that welcomed us back to NJ. Only to deal with being late and doing 3 U-turns the morning of the Jersey exam with no lunch and a crazy woman who was so nervous I wanted to shake her and yell "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER". All I can say is I hope this is the last post I will ever write about the bar exam. So we move on to present time.


Amazing that a journalist would be allowed to call blame to a person who was sexually abused by her father. Here is the article which not only angers me but shocks me. My comment is posted below.