Friday, July 24, 2009

Packing for Saratoga

These are the 10 things already packed so far (you can see why I need help)
1. 30 packs of Vitamin C in powder form
2. Ritalin
3. Ginseng
4. Gingko
5. Caffeine Pills
6. Sleepy tea
7. Vitamin Water
8. Pencils
9. Ear plugs
10. Yoga mat

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last Minute Tips for Bar Exam

Domestic Bees are not wild animals
An old, clawless, toothless, sedated bear is a wild animal
Dont' park by the hydrant, because most likely you will get sideswiped
Just because you see heirs doesn't mean they get crap
Yes I can tell you not to build your porn shop in my town
Most likely if you hit someone they will have brittle bone disease - sucks to be you
Even if you don't know its my land, you are still trespassing so get out.
Don't kick my dog, or you are liable for battery.
You slap me in the face, I am adequately provocated - hence I will stab you.
You call me a leper, I don't need to prove special damages.
Get rid of that shotgun booby trap
Keep your kids on a leash if you know they like to ride their bike into the road
If you go to rob a bank, just assume your co-conspirator is going to blow someone's head off.
Who the hell is the reasonable person?

Saturday, July 04, 2009


So I have no furniture. Why you ask? Because I decide I wanted new furniture and sold my old furniture. Everything they say not to do while studying for the bar exam, I probably have done. For example, work, renovate your home, get rid of the comfort of your sofa, travel to the Midwest for the weekend. You get the point. Actually the whole look of the apt brings a sort of minimalist feel to my studying. Less chaos, less to clean or think about cleaning. I personally think everyone should sell their furniture and study off the floor and their coffee table. Well only if they have a meditation chair. I bought this floor chair, by "googling" floor chair and it is amazing. It showed up just in time, exactly 4 weeks from the bar exam. I decided that if I pass I will include it in my thank you speech. It is preety amazing and my posture, my lower back and my sanity all thank it. Thank you meditation chair.