Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wedding Planner

So my new job has become wedding planner. Should anyone be in the need for some research or help in planning any future weddings. I know every venue in NYC and plate per person charge, I know every DJ from Manhattan to Long Island. I can tell you about every photographer in the book. Not to mention, I can also tell you about things not to waste money on like fancy save the date cards, or invitations, or church flowers (who cares what the pews look like), runners, cake toppers, flower petals, confetti, personalized napkins. All these things that were invented to make people like me spend more money. Since the engagement, I have found the dress, shoes, DJ, reception place, church, priest, hotel. There are still a million and eleven things to do and traditions I have opted to remove. Who in the world said all bridesmaid have to look like bobbsey twins? If you don't know who they are just wikipedia it. So I am not doing the macarena, or the electric slide (my DJ actually does not own it). There will be no girls at the altar, and no poofy pink bridesmaid dress. Not to mention, probably no bouquet throwing since I don't want a bouquet. Why so it can die in 1 day? I have learned that in order to not drop 25K on a wedding (which according to statistics is the medium), you need to be smart. But I am going to take all the extra money and put it where it belongs. For example: Liquor! Top shelf 5 hour, and food (people need to eat), and Music. You gotta dance, and good music does not come cheap. And of course location, location, location. So with all that said, I need to go back to my excel spreadsheet called, and update it with the recent charitable contribution for the priest. Damn, even the Catholic church wants money. When did getting married become a business?