Saturday, March 22, 2008


So I had to take a trip to Brooklyn today for a close friend's bridal shower. When I heard Brooklyn, I started to think.."Oh God I hope it is nowhere near Coney Island." I should not complain, because my bridal shower will probably be in Sheepshead bay which is somewhere near the beach which has got to mean far far away. Nevertheless, when I received the email the host told me it was in Brooklyn Heights. Okay that is easy enough - right? Wrong! I head out about 11:30 am because I figured I did not know where I was going so better to get a head start. Then I get a text: A train not stopping at High Street must take A to Jay street and then turn back around and take the A train one stop to High Street. Great! Now I have to carry two very heavy bags even farther and transfer trains. Okay okay and we are off. So after I get off the station, I start looking for Adams Street. The email says "Apartment is 100 yards from train". Easy enough...Except then I read somewhere on the email "make sure you are on the right side of the bridge." Bridge? What bridge?! So I walk, and walk, and walk. Finally I ask someone "Where is Adams? " So I find it 10 minutes later and then I walk up Adams and down Adams and up Adams and down - you get the point. I am doing this all while I am holding my phone looking at Google Maps and it keeps telling me that the building was to the right but every time I went there I hit a dead end. How can GPS be telling me this is where the building is - there is nothing here but a damn wall and then the highway. Hmm? Finally after 20 minutes I find a police officer. I ask her "Do you know where this is?" She tells me the other side of the bridge. Where the F*&k ois this bridge? There must be something in the drinking water!. That is she until she points to a sign that says Brooklyn Bridge. I start panicking, do I have to cross the Brooklyn Bridge? My hands are about to fall off, and I think I have lost all circulation from the 5 lb soup I am carrying or is it the 16 piece spice rack? Nevertheless, I was ready to give up and open those babies up and just start having my own bridal shower on the bridge. Luckily the cop told me that I just had to cross this very large intersection and I would be there. So I take my badly wrapped bridal gift and I start crossing this very large intersection. 100 feet later I am at the building. As I press the doorbell it hits me....I am never moving to Brooklyn.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Safe Sex please!

I realized today why it is I do not have children. No it isn't the screaming, or the whining, and it isn't the annoying "Why?" after everything you say. The reason came to me while I was home last night. I had just finished watching an episode of "The Wire", and my dog Spike would not stop whining. Now if anyone knows my dog, they will know that he has ADD, and should probably be on Prozac anyway. Well he also loves to whine, and it gets old fast. The Midwestern took him out thinking he might have to go for a walk - Nope. One hour later he started up again, so this time I took him out, thinking maybe now he really has to go - right? Wrong. Finally both the Midwestern and I are watching Will and Grace and getting ready for bed, and all you hear is whine, whine, whine. UGH! Then the Midwestern turns to be and asks: Did you give the dog water today? Um, No did you? His response: Um, No? OMG! I run to the kitchen and fill up his water bowl and Spike ran to it like he just crossed the Sahara. After he finished his 2nd bowl of water, the Midwestern turns to me and asks: When was the last time you gave the dog water? Um, last week.
This is why I don't have kids.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Client 9

There is this girl in my class who always wears super short skirts and low cut blouses, and I feel as if she saw Erin Brokowitz way too many times. The difference is this woman is a large woman, not I need gastric bypass large, but the I had too many cupcakes large. Well every time I see her, I have to check out what she is wearing because watching someone make a fashion faux pas is always quite fun for most women. Today, I noticed she had these very high stilettos with a metallic gold heel with her one size too small suit. Is she kidding? Who the world wears metallic gold stilettos to a law firm? Does she work for Spitzer on her free time? I am very worried, and I want to run up to her and tell her that she should stay clear of the clearance section at Rickys, but I decide to keep my silence. Instead, I start walking to my drafting litigation documents with my paper in hand which is due today. I run into my classmate and he says "Hey did you do your paper?" I nod my head. "How many pages?" I look at him and say "Six". I see his face turn white and his mouth open. I start to sweat..Did I write too little? Should I have included a table of authorities? "Are you kidding? You were only supposed to write 2 pages."
Payback is a bitch

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adult only Weddings

I am going to say something that might make me burn in hell, and my good Catholic parents very upset. But I am not a huge fan of children. No that does not mean I will not have my own, because I am sure that motherly instinct will kick in. And no that does not mean I do not like kids in general. I am just not a big fan of crying, screaming children and at times I find them overwhelming. I figure I probably have 3-4 more years of this until I start wanting kids so much that a trip to Babies-r-us is filled with ooos and ahhhhs. But until that happens, the last place I really want them is running down the aisle at the church during the wedding. So how do you write in a tackful way

You are kindly requested to keave your screaming mongrels at home.

Everyone Loves Little Girls

I am going to say something that might make me burn in hell, and make my good Catholic parents very upset. But I am not a huge fan of children. No that does not mean I will not have my own, because I am sure that motherly instinct will kick in one day. And no that does not mean I do not like kids in general. I am just not a big fan of crying, screaming children and at times I find them annoying. I figure I probably have 3-4 more years of this until I start wanting kids so much that a trip to Babies-r-us is filled with "ooos and ahhhhs". But until that happens, the last place I really want them is running down the aisle at the church during the wedding. So I figured it might be too tacky to put on our invites "Adult only reception", because it might give people the wrong impression. It is bad enough that my law school budget is forcing me to invite some people without the "plus 1". I do not want all my friends to hate me. So when I heard that my future MIL was inviting her niece and her baby, I wanted to scream. I started thinking? What if she starts screaming in the church? What if she throws cake at people? What if she is just plain cute?? Nah! So I decided, if I must have a child there (mind you the only child), then she must serve a function. I must give her something to do, thus making her a flower girl. I never thought I would have a flower girl, because of the reasons listed above. But I thought, shoot if I have to have her there then she has to work. You know what they say about idle hands? Well that opened a can of worms. All of a sudden, I started to get tons of emails on dresses and colors and shoes and tiaras. Why cant they just put her in combat boots and overalls? Do I really care what she wears? Well apparently I do, because when they showed me some dress that was red and frou frou. I probably should have told them I hate red...Oops! So now I have to take back the ever so kind "Oh any dress is find". Um no! I had to politely tell them my color theme of the wedding and hope they get the hint. Which they did - and low and behold I get these pics of this ever so cute little girl dressed up like a princess smiling at the camera. Apparently, she told her mom she was getting all dressed up to go see a "princess."Okay okay the kid got me. Anyone who can recognize my royalty ancestry has scored points with me. For that I might even pick her up a damn tiara.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


This weekend I had to take the MPRE, and for those who do not know what it is I will explain. The American Bar Association beside making you take 3 days of a grueling 21 hours of exams also makes you take this 3 hour ethics exam. Okay it was more like 2 hours and 25 minutes, but nevertheless. The midwestern thinks it is their way of policing themselves so that the state or federal government will not get involved in making laws to govern how lawyers practice. I kind of agree. So with that said, in order to get admitted you have to take this ethics exam which they recommend you take your last year of law school so that it does not interfere with you studying for the bar. Except they never considered it might interfere with the 2 papers I have to write for school. Jerks! Anyway, I spent 5 hours studying on Friday night after 1 vodka/soda and a martini. I do not know why I insisted on having alcohol in my system, but I figured if I had to do 180 multiple choice questions dealing with: Can a lawyer be subject to discipline for commingling client funds, or Is it proper to pay for referrals?. BORING! I figured I should be tipsy. So back to the exam. I wake up at 7:00 am on Saturday for a 9:00 am exam. This is very odd considering that the exam center is all of 15 minutes from my apartment, so why did I wake up 2 hrs earlier? Well because part of being a law student or a lawyer for that matter is being anal. That is why some students book 3 rooms for the bar exam, just in case one burns down, one is hit by a tornado, then you have back up. So I woke up 2 hrs earlier, in case the path was flooded, the ferry sunk, and the taxi cabs went on strike..I would still have a way of getting into the city on time. I showed up on Church street at 8:30 am which gave me enough time to scope the proper seat. You know the one that is not too close to the person with the fidgety hands, or the girl who is blowing her nose. Which brings me to taking any exam in the winter. It should be banned! Too many damn people blowing their nose, that half way into the exam I thought the blowing of the nose sounded like it was in unison to a song I heard on the radio. Someone get the girl a freaking nasal spray! I heard a person behind sigh very loudly and slam her pencil down, but the girl did not get the hint. She kept going - honker and all. Finally I finished all 60 questions, and even the test center questions where I get to give my opinion of the test center. I gave everything raving reviews (NY law school is in a nice building and great location..I mean the distance to the bubble lounge is great because all law students should have champagne within walking distance) But the question about taking the exam with no distractions made me look for a space where I could make additional comments about Gonzo over there but I could only answer: Excellent, Fair, Bad, Terrible. I chose "none of the above", and then walked out of there as fast as I could praying that the champagne bar was open at 11 am.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eating Gold

So it is March 5th and I am 4 months away from the big day. I have spent the last 4 months planning the important stuff: Food, Liquor, dress. Oh was there more important stuff? You see I hate fussing over stupid details like what color should the flower girl dress be - who cares? So long as there is no screaming crying baby running down the aisle - you can put her in a green camouflage overall outfit for all I care. So when it came down to trying to decide if I wanted to spend $33.00 on a flap that hangs over the side of my invites - I was ready to scream. The wedding industry as I have mentioned before is nothing more than a way to get people to spend way too much money on things they can't afford and everyone will forget within the first 3 martinis. So I figured that's it!!! Focus on Martinis! So I started looking at martini ice luges. For anyone who has never seen one - it is a 200 lb block of ice where you pour the vodka down what sort of looks like a water slide in Disney and the vodka comes out chilled as you catch it in your martini glass - Brilliant. What worries me is that I may have people with their tongue stuck to the ice sculpture because they have decided to catch it with their mouth (see Exhibit A above). Trust me those people will probably be the Midwestern and me - bitsandgiggles are you in? During my research, I also came across this new luxury vodka that has Gold flakes in it. Wow! How cool would it be to ingest 24 kt gold flakes, that has got to increase my net worth some how right? Does anyone know if our bodies can even digest gold? Ahh all these details.....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

War or Honeymoon?

I was sitting in the living room when I heard the Midwestern say something to the fact that "Chavez is sending troops to Colombia." What? Chavez? Colombia? What the hell is that batshi*t crazy psycho doing with Colombia? I mean anyone who goes around chewing coca leaves all day has got to have a few brain cells short of a oraguntan. Well it looks like not only is Venezuela going to send troops to my homeland, but so is Ecuador (my other homeland)- WTF? You see for me that is a big problem considering that my wedding is in Ecuador and my honeymoon is in Colombia. I really do not feel like flying through enemy airspace. Not to mention that it is already normal to be greeted at the airport by AK47's, but now I have to worry about being caught in the middle of the military fire or trying to find a pink bullet proof vest to go with my outfit. You know most people pick normal places to have their wedding and honeymoon, like Mexico, Bermuda, Jamaica, or Hawaii. Not a 3rd war countries that are run by Farc, and especially not countries that have thousands of paramilitary guerillas walking around as if it were a cops during the St. Pattys parade in NY. So with that being said, I am on the internet looking at the refund policy of my airfare under the category "war", and hoping that I can change my hotels as well. I mean Avianca (colombian airline) has to understand, right? I mean they do not really want to be target practice either do they? Anyone have any places I can get some nice combat boots?