Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Client 9

There is this girl in my class who always wears super short skirts and low cut blouses, and I feel as if she saw Erin Brokowitz way too many times. The difference is this woman is a large woman, not I need gastric bypass large, but the I had too many cupcakes large. Well every time I see her, I have to check out what she is wearing because watching someone make a fashion faux pas is always quite fun for most women. Today, I noticed she had these very high stilettos with a metallic gold heel with her one size too small suit. Is she kidding? Who the world wears metallic gold stilettos to a law firm? Does she work for Spitzer on her free time? I am very worried, and I want to run up to her and tell her that she should stay clear of the clearance section at Rickys, but I decide to keep my silence. Instead, I start walking to my drafting litigation documents with my paper in hand which is due today. I run into my classmate and he says "Hey did you do your paper?" I nod my head. "How many pages?" I look at him and say "Six". I see his face turn white and his mouth open. I start to sweat..Did I write too little? Should I have included a table of authorities? "Are you kidding? You were only supposed to write 2 pages."
Payback is a bitch

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