Saturday, July 04, 2009


So I have no furniture. Why you ask? Because I decide I wanted new furniture and sold my old furniture. Everything they say not to do while studying for the bar exam, I probably have done. For example, work, renovate your home, get rid of the comfort of your sofa, travel to the Midwest for the weekend. You get the point. Actually the whole look of the apt brings a sort of minimalist feel to my studying. Less chaos, less to clean or think about cleaning. I personally think everyone should sell their furniture and study off the floor and their coffee table. Well only if they have a meditation chair. I bought this floor chair, by "googling" floor chair and it is amazing. It showed up just in time, exactly 4 weeks from the bar exam. I decided that if I pass I will include it in my thank you speech. It is preety amazing and my posture, my lower back and my sanity all thank it. Thank you meditation chair.

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