Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Who really writes the rules?

I once read, that half the time you dated someone is how long it should take you to get over them. Who decides on this deadline? Nevertheless, it has only been two months and I am already well on my way to getting over the "ex". The new guy in the picture happens to be the friend. I know, I know! Not the ideal rebound guy. But I feel I am done with the rebound. There was the ex before the ex that filled out that application and did quite well at the job. He was in and out of my life in one week...Score. So this one, the friend, is a little different. So where is that woman who made the whole rule about when to get over a guy? Where is she when you really need her? Because, I have some questions. Since we've been friends for so long, what is the rule on sleeping with him? I mean we all know the rule about calling a guy or a girl when you first meet them. Never call someone until three days later (we all remember Swingers). And you should not sleep with someone on the first night? Got that one down! But the whole dating thing has kind of been fast forwarded, considering I already know all I need to know: favorite color, favorite movie, song, etc. And I did survive the walk of shame. You know the walking out of someone's apt after you hooked up with the same clothes you had on the night before. Well I am going to try to find that woman and see if I can get a timeline on this whole sex thing? Until then I will continue to just enjoy my friend and benefits. (That is until I get the green light)

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