Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My best friend's wedding

One of my best friends asked me to be her brides maid just the other day and I am elated! I have never been chosen to be a bridesmaid, except for the 5 days notice from my Ukrainian friend as she surprised me with a "I'm getting married in a week." She got engaged while in St. Petersburg on a vacation with her boyfriend. Damn these Russians act fast, well when you know what you want - why wait? That is unless your the Midwestern and in that case, just keep keep procrastinating for as long as possible. But as I played the bridesmaid role of helping her get ready, calming her down, telling her she looked beautiful and holding her dress so it would not scrape the streets of Brooklyn...Little did I know that I was training for the day when I would be asked to be a formal bridesmaid where I get to wear the same dress as four other girls, and get to attend a bridal party, bachelorette party and walk down the aisle with a groomsmen looking fab! (me that is) The following day, I called the one person I knew would be the expert in this field - bitsandgigles has attended enough weddings and been in enough wedding parties to be able to train me. Her reaction "SAY NO." I explained that I was a virgin at being a bridesmaid and I could not say no, besides I was flattered and excited. And so the journey begins. I have faith, in my dream world of bridesmaid heaven. I will get chosen to wear a sexy little black dress and not be made to put my hair up in one of those frou frou wedding do's. And then we will all go to Vegas and pole dance in a huge suite while we do shots and drink Ben and Jerry's Peanut butter ice cream. Oh wait that is my wedding!

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