Monday, February 09, 2009

MBE Simulated - You suck

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in an Eyes Wide Shut party having an anxiety attack crying about the bar exam. Now here I am 14 days away and what do I have to show for it? I have dreams of circling words, I have nightmares of circling words, I recite rules to my friends, parents, and the Midwestern to every topic that comes up in conversation. I pray to Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, Dalai Lama whoever will listen and perhaps help a girl out the day of the bar. I have a bruise on my leg as big as Rhode Island from running to the simulated MBE, 5 extra lbs of soda, coffee and goldfish, and a pending lawsuit to the law school for negligence of mopping the floor right before an exam. Ahh, I hate my life. The Midwestern asked me today if I had a choice to do an extra year of law school or do what I am doing now and take the bar which would I chose. HMMM, all of a sudden an extra year of law school sounds like a Barney's sale to me. Well, I did learn some things this weekend. 1) People who chew peanuts during an exam deserve to be shot 2) People who crack their knuckles during an exam should get osteoporosis 3) People who tap their pencil on the table during an exam should have one jabbed in their eye for each time they tapped their fre**Kin pencil! Okay, now that I let that out...I will make a mental note for the actual test day. 1) Bring earplugs, 2) Don't forget my wallet at home, 3) Leave at least 3 hours in advance even if I live 20 min away, and 4) oh yeah bring diapers because like hell if I need to get up during the exam because I drank too much water. We are doing this the NASA way!

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