Monday, April 06, 2009

Waiting for Bar Results

So it has hit me that I have about 3 weeks to get my results. There is no sure proof of this just a lot of speculation but it is enough to give me a panic attack. I have filled my time up with hot yoga, watching gossip girl when it is on TV instead of on DVR, and reading books...real books. I also love that I can take naps on Sundays and make plans with friends again, what would I do if I had to let that all go? I can not even think of what I would tell people. I am going this weekend to go plant a tree on a beach and use my zipcar for the first time, and I guess I just have to stop thinking about whether I should start studying early for July. So I am going to take my paranoid self and keep praying and hoping. If anyone else wants to join in prayer or burn hair or stab voodo dolls whatever works I support it!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm wating too!

And boy is it agonizing now that they are just around the corner.

I guess I had gotten used to waiting but I have like 16 days and they will be posted on my state's website---the succesful candidates that is.

I am praying and hoping too! I'm like PLLLLEAAAASEEEEEEE GOD! Please!

Good luck to you and I hope we are both partying in a few weeks--like literally two weeks! YIKES, the moment of truth!

Anonymous said...

I was the anonymous post and guess what...I PASSED!!!!!!

Hope all went well for you!