Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year

It has officially been about one year since I have posted in my blog, and my new years resolution is to make a diligent effort to keep this blog up to date. Where did 2006 leave me? I am still struggling in law school, but I have officially hit the hump! I am half way to paying $1000/month in student loans. Oh, the things to look forward to. I figure it will resemble my life now, eating at Bouley while putting off my cable bill for 2 months. Who needs Lifetime anyway? This past year was a difficult semester, as I had a nervous breakdown after having a 4 hour exam on hearsay. All of a sudden easements and covenants sounded exciting to me. Without fail, spring semester starts in a week, and I am excited (I always was a masochist) to jump right back in to giving up my social life again, eating anything in microwavable form, walking around in slippers and sweats for weeks at a time, and listening to Podcasts of lectures instead of the latest song on Jack FM. Aside from school, my social life has improved in 2006. No psycho bf, or crazy Russians. Still going strong with the Midwestern (except now employed and sharing the same time zone). So, even though the rent on the new crib in Hobo is the GDP of a 3rd world country, we are pretty happy with the new living situation. In conclusion, the new year has brought me more disposable income, more debt, escrow issues (don't ask), and cutting down on Spike's daycare to twice a week. How else am I going to save money for the trip to Barcelona on spring break? Ahh, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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