Friday, March 16, 2007

Hair today gone tomorrow

So tomorrow is St. Paddy's Day and no callbacks on the shot girl application. Wow, what a shot to a girl's self esteem. So to make myself feel better and boost my self image, I decide to splurge and go see Flor. She is my Brazilian waxist. We have not seen each other for awhile and I missed her and her me. As I walked into the salon, I realized she had a new haircut. I complemented her and she scolded me for not visiting for so long. Well, you will pay for it she says. Oh Jeez, I know I will. So after making small talk about the shade of brown she colored her hair and the new blow/cut she got, I spread my legs and here we go. I cringed every time she "taught" me a lesson for waiting longer than 4 weeks to see her, but I forced a smile and told her I thought her eyes looked nice with the new sweater she had on. After she told me to basically touch my nose to my knees, I ran out of things to tell her so we discussed Brazil and how beautiful the women are there and how this is a must for all that live there. After all is said and done, I walk out feeling like a new woman. I realize the pain is so worth it when I look down to view the lovely work she has done. Hitler's moustache is this week's choice and I am proud as I put on my clothes. So screw you bars that refused to hire me as a shot girl. Who needs you! I am beautiful and proud and whenever I need reassurance I will just rip out my hair follicles from the root of my sensitive skin to prove it - Yes, us women are weird.

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