Monday, November 19, 2007


So as much as I am worried about the environment and the oil wars, I have to admit my father owned a beast for many years. The beast being what half of America or at least the entire state of Texas own....A "SUV". I just finished reading an article about the price of gas going up to $4.00. I did not know the effects of this until recently when we tried to refill the gas tank in Rincon. The price of gas was in liters so I did not realize how pricey it really was. I remarked "WOW" "Gas is so cheap in Puerto Rico." I never was good at conversion. Then as J was pumping the gas (well I couldn't because I got my drivers license in Jersey so I never took the pumping gas class), we saw the numbers creep up. Is that machine broken? J reacted and said "No, it must be in pesos!" Nope we were both wrong - the total being about $55.00. Well I guess I am not a minority according to this article
So lesson learned, do not buy a large beast unless you want to continue to pump ridiculous amounts of cash into your gas tank, continue to enjoy hot days in October because our ozone has become almost non existent, and most of all unless you want to spend another x-mas with our boys in Iraq. See Puerto Rico was even a learning experience of current affairs - who would have thought?

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