Thursday, November 01, 2007

We got it going on!

Instead of going to tax and bankruptcy on Tuesday night, I was jumping around dancing singing "Shot through the heart and your to blame..." You get the point. Jon, came to visit our humble city of Newark this week. Actually he is here for 10 days, to celebrate the grand opening of the new Prudential center. I will say the show was amazing as usual and it was even better that it was free. But what got me most was that I actually enjoyed the opening act. Big & Rich, this country band that apparently half the women over 40 in the audience knew the lyrics of. Scary that I can say I enjoyed it with them. Especially when they sang this song "I play chicken with the train" with a beautiful black cowboy named Troy. Well, I never knew they had them in Texas. So now that I cant stop singing "Go on kinfolk tell you mom and them,Chugg a lugga, Chugg a lugga, Chugg a lugga" OMG what is next, I will start voting Republican and I will think Bush is a genius. Help me God.

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bitsandgiggles said...

If you ever start to think that Cheney is cute, I will tase the most gentle way possible, of course ;-)