Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oye Como Va

The other night I booked a hotel for the 5 days/4 night stay at the island of San Andres in Colombia. Okay so what is the big deal you say? Well then maybe no one will think it is weird that this is the 3rd hotel I have booked for the same days in the same location. I refuse to cancel any of my hotel reservations and why may you ask? Because Colombia for some reason does not own credit card machines and believes in good old fashion "I give you my word". I have contacted numerous hotels who have told me okay miss we will see you on August 13th? I then proceed to ask if I need to give a deposit. The guy on the other line says "No, just call us a week in advance to remind us." What! Are they kidding. So it is no wonder I now have 3 hotels just in case, because the last thing I want is to be in a 3rd world country run by drug cartels with no place to sleep with a blue eyed gringo on my hands. Trust me, I will not be calling myself Mrs. Midwestern at any point before we return to the good ole U.S. of A. And in case any one happens to be passing through Colombia I have a reservation for each one of you.

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