Monday, May 05, 2008


So I am sitting here on a Monday afternoon after finishing my adoption law 48 hr exam early and enjoying my freshly painted toes. When I turn on the TV and see Tom Cruise. Not really a big deal, but then I realize that Oprah is interviewing him to celebrate 25 yrs of acting. So as I open up my products liability book, I hear "You've lost that loving feeling" in the background. Then I realize that if there is a movie I can see more than once - Top Gun is absolutely one of them. Maybe that is why when I was at Cravath even the boys were naming their tape guns Maverick. Because the truth is I think everyone loves that movie. And then we have The Firm. Ahh, who can forget that scene where the music is blaring and he whispers in his wife's ear, and she runs out screaming and crying. Or what about the scene where he dances around in his underwear and socks in Risky Business singing "Old time rock and roll". Then of course I am not sure when I cried more either in "A few Good Men" (I think this was when I decided to interview for JAG) or "Born on the 4th of July". There is really no point to this blog entry except that I just realized how much I really like Tom Cruise as an actor and even though he is into Scientology I forgive him because "he had me at hello."

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