Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Is it too late to Elope?

So if I have not repeated what every bride says 1 week before the wedding. Why the hell didn't I elope? I am not saying I have not loved the planning, and I am sure I will love the food, the open bar for 5 hours, and of course the coffee hazelnut cake. But I am just sick and tired of begging people so that we can either a) do something nice for them or b) ask that God forbid they put their selfish needs aside and do something nice for us like "stop complaining"!!! I have had to deal with 2 very difficult bridesmaids (one more than the other - did I forget to mention she made herself a BM??). If they are not too busy, they are too sick, too broke, too claustrophobic, too low class and too lazy to give a crap about their friend getting married. Then I have people that think things are too far, too long, too traditional, too non traditional. Since when did everyone lose focus? It is a damn wedding which means 2 people sharing vows and then a big fat party. All you have to do is show up. Well that is unless you are one of my BM then you have to complain or if your one of the nice BM's on the other side dealing with the complainers. (sorry bitsandgiggles). So I extend my apologies to everyone who has had to deal with headaches due to difficult guests, and I express my gratitude to all those who have had to deal with what I have had to deal with. And all I ask is that day everyone just leave their dramas at the door and if the church is too small for you and you feel short of breath-GET OUT!

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