Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanskgiving Recap

So I spent 4 days eating tofurkey, drinking wine, and watching bad movies. For me this is the best way to celebrate thanksgiving at the in-laws. There was a visit to Vermont and some antique window shopping. Not to mention plenty of intense democratic rhetoric and republican bashing (thank god my dad is not here). Either way I managed to buy bitsandgiggles a gift from "out of town", and I ate lots of pie. Speaking of pie, I managed to pull off my very first cheesecake. And not just any cheesecake, but maple syrup WW approved cheesecake. It was a hit, or so everyone said it was in order to make me feel better. The pie also managed to get me into an argument with the Midwestern, because for some reason I felt that he rather drink beer with his friends then keep up with tradition and bake pie. I must have had way too much estrogen pumping through me that night, because normally I would jump at the opportunity to run around the house naked with a bottle of prosecco baking pie. Either way, that was the sum of the long weekend, and some how I squeezed in 2 hours of criminal procedure and played bongo drums (don't ask).

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