Sunday, May 01, 2005

Roller Coaster Ride

After 8 interviews, about 40+ jobs applied to, 7 telephone interviews, and 3 offers, I am finally employed. It took a lot of persistence, patience, and hours of sitting at the computer searching, and I had to meet about 10 head hunters. Do they really bring back heads? No, so why the stupid name? Now I have the dream job: 9-5 (I didn't think those hours still existed), a month of vacation, unlimited sick, all benefits paid for, and actual responsibility besides punching holes in paper. Did I mention they like law students, and even told me to take off for finals? Where were they last semester, I would have been $10,000 richer??? For the first time in three years, I realize there are people who care about your well being and not just the bottom line. Thank God, I finally overcame another hiccup in 2005 (the longest 8 days of my life). After 2004, I could have sworn it could not get any worse. Instead I was greeted in the new year with a leave of absence from school, being pushed out the door of my job after I sacrificed family, friends and school for them, being unemployed and broke, two deaths of grandmothers of my two best friends, and the occasional reminder that my ex is still up to no good (that makes girl#4). Jesus, good thing I have tough skin. Right when I begin to think in the month of May things are going to get easier. I will have to deal with a new job, the BF leaving in a week for his 6 month excursion, and the best friend leaving to Hong Kong permanently at the end of the month. Just when I started to get used to having the BF around, he is packing his stuff and leaving on his trip around Latin America to write (is that what they call it nowadays?). I will also have to deal with "the talk" at some point in the next week. You know, the dreaded "are you going to bang anyone else while your away, and am I allowed too?" The truth is, as much as I try to act like this modern liberal woman that is okay with no boundaries. I actually don't like the idea of him sleeping with another hot Latina, nor the idea of me having to deal with another skinny white guy. I am quite content with the one I have, and do not have the patience to start molding another one either. With girlfriends it is so much easier. She will move across the world, I will cry, we will write, call, and I will fly there as much as I can, and rack up frequent flyer miles like you couldn't imagine. There are no rules, talks, and nights of wondering if she is sleeping with another women. And if she was, that would merely be another exciting topic to discuss over coffee.

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