Wednesday, April 27, 2005

He's Just Not That Into You

I never thought I would say this...As I was watching Oprah today, they had the author of the best selling book "He's just not that into you" The guy spoke for about 30 minutes, discussing all the obvious signs that the guy you are dating is just not that into you. For example, never introduces to any one, which in my book usually means "his wife is just not that into you". Also if he sees you only once a week and you live less than a mile apart. What is the excuse, traffic? Or you have been dating for 6 years and he still wont give you an engagement ring because means he is waiting for something (or someone as they pointed out). It is amazing how this guy is making millions on this book, writing about things that a blind person would see. Why do we put ourselves in these relationships that are going nowhere fast? Even though, I should not be one to throw the first stone so quickly. It took 4 years for me to realize that no ring, and only half of his clothes in my apartment really meant: someone else has the ring and the other half of his clothes. Lesson learned! But get this, the next guest on Oprah was a 63 year old single wealthy man who was offering an all expense paid vacation around the world to find the women of his dreams. Requirements: non smoker, over 40 (shit, there goes my chance), fun, free, and fantastic. What a great idea! It has been decided, if I am still single by the time I am 31, I am going to advertise an all expense trip around my world. Requirements: handsome, smart, funny, must have a big heart (substitutions allowed ;), agile, and performance test required. I think that since I have all this free time on my hands, I am going to start writing a book. It will be called "It is not your personality she's into".

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