Monday, April 25, 2005

Broke and Beautiful

I have recently become part of a selected class, the unemployed. This is definitely not a group that I was anxious to be a member of, but due to circumstances beyond my control I am looking for a new job. It has been hard getting readjusted to the lifestyle of the unemployed. You look for anything on sale, you begin to limit your entertainment expenses, and I am no longer making trips to Stuart Weitzman anymore. I do have to admit that the week after I resigned, I had to get my fix and make one final purchase of European luxury. The expensive Italian made sunglasses were not on the list of things I can't live without, but it made me feel so much better after eating cup a noodle soups, and PBJ sandwiches for two days straight. I have been lucky enough to have wonderful friends, and a wonderful BF. He really stepped up to the plate when the chips were down, which proved to me that he is something more than just a good source of orgasms. I kind of always knew that, but only when times are tough do we find out who runs, and who stands by our empty pockets. I have a truer appreciation to the stay at home moms, but do not envy them at the least. I hope I do not offend anyone, but after seeing two hours of paternity tests, and you slept with my baby's daddy, I was ready to get back into the job market. I have been on a lot of interviews, and have worn out the sole on my walking shoes, but no complaints. Just hoping that I will get that phone call that will bring me back to my one true love...Time warner we'll be together again!

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