Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ah, ah, ah, ah Staying alive....

Last night at dinner I met my friend's BF, and was quite surprised at what I saw. I mean I knew that there was something about him that sounded too good to be true. I was told tall, successful, wealthy and handsome (so she says- not my type). Hey! I figure after spending four years explaining to people it was Hitler's personality I fell in love with, I have every right to make criticisms on someone else's suga' daddy. And did I mention the Hummer? I am sure both hummers contributed to the "100 reasons why I love you" list. So my question was "What is wrong with him?" I guess I am pretty cynical and the reaction was only natural. Well, when he walked in, I was greeted by a 6'2", dark haired Mediterranean man, in a pair of nice black slacks and a button down designer shirt. No one warned me however that he had a cane, and could probably reminisce about the good years with my dad. The truth is she actually whispered to us before he arrived that there is a slight age difference, so not to be startled. I am thinking okay, maybe he graduated college when she was a freshman in high school. No one told me that when he was graduating college, she was nothing more than an unchecked item on the "five year plan" for her parents. So, yes. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. I used to be a fan of older (richer) men, as stated in past blogs. However, after the past few months with my Midwestern, I realized I've got the Benz right here. There is no need for the bling bling, if it is going to have problems blinging at night. Usually, I am never one to judge. (Unless of course, you are performing the worst fashion faux pas). But I have to say, I am not sure if I would wander down the valley of death again with the over the hill gang. Instead, my new found appreciation for the younger men has allowed me wild nights of countless rounds at the ring, and endless games in overtime. So I am off to the ball game girls, gotta run!

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