Monday, April 25, 2005

Here comes the bride...

In a city of 4 million men, why is it so hard to find Mr. Right? Being unemployed has forced me to watch shows like the Gastineau girls. God, I wish I was in school! For those of you who have not seen the show, it deals with a wealthy mother and daughter team and both are single. Both of these women are filthy rich and have bodies and faces like runway models. Did I mention they are single.? This does not give much hope to the 5'2" (Thank God for 4 inch stilettos) 115 lb, curly headed brunette from Queens. How am I supposed to find the perfect man, when women like that are hiring matchmakers? Could Manhattan have a shortage of good men? I guess I begin to wonder these things when I get a phone call from my childhood friend telling me that she is in love and has met her future husband. They spoke for the first time two months ago, and share phone calls and emails, but the twist is..They never physically met. May I ask, how is it that after two months of cyber dating and she is ready to meet the in-laws next week, when it took me 4 months before I even met the best friend? Am I doing something wrong? I mean it's not like I am looking for wedding bells. Not yet at least, I think I still have 8 years of the clock left, and at least 3 years until I reach my sexual peak. I am sure the boys will be lined up at the front door for that one. But it is frustrating when I am spending all this time and effort on buying the perfect outfit for the perfect guy, and playing all the cards right, and here is my closest friend about to walk down the aisle and all it took was a JPEG. I guess the lesson of the story is that you never know who or when your knight and shining armor will walk through your door (or computer). Mr. Right can be right in front of us this whole time, and we might never notice it until it slaps us in the face, or he slaps us in the ass. Sorry, my fantasies are always get the best of me. I better get back to my soon to be single, unemployed life, because in a couple of weeks, the only men in my bedroom will be Maury, Jerry, and Montel.

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