Monday, February 05, 2007

Hard Knock Life for Us

It is ten below zero, the crowd is yelling at decibels way too high for my ears (perhaps my dog can hear it). I can't hear myself think and my fingers have frostbite. No, I was not watching the superbowl in Chicago, I was at Jay-Z's club 40/40

The ultimate hot spot for Superbowl everyone says. Yeah, maybe if your a polar bear with the salary of a Chicago Bear. This place not only broke my bank account, but I could not even speak to anyone at the table (Did I mention the hypothermia?). The plasmas were so loud, I thought my eardrums were going to come out of my head. I do not care who owns this place, but no one in the city of Manhattan should be able to charge $90 for mozzarella sticks. It is fried cheese! I was dining at Vong on Friday and spent less. Since when did Jean George get cheaper than Beyonce and Jay-z? And if I am dropping $180 to drink bud light and eat mozzarella sticks and wings, then why can't Jay-z afford to put some heat in this place? Maybe because he dropped $4 million to build this damn bar, he must have run out of cash before he was able to put the boiler in. The web site says "We tried to create a place that would be favorable to both men and women, and we think we have found it with the combination of sports and an upscale hip lounge." I don't know about you girls, but last time I checked fried twinkies and sliders were not my idea of an upscale lounge. I may need to have a talk with Beyonce. On a positive note, you can purchase a membership for $1,500 to gain unlimited access to the VIP room. Maybe they have heat there?

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bitsandgiggles said...


Bud Lite doesn't scream upscale either. It screams Clifton.