Friday, May 15, 2009

Advice to those who Failed the Bar Exam

What do you do when you trip and fall? Do you lie on the ground, give up, and say, "I will never walk again." Do you lose confidence in your ability to ever walk again because of a fall? NO. Usually, you get up, brush yourself off, and are on your way. Even after a bad fall, even should you be hurt seriously and need medical care, what follows is healing.

Absent unusual circumstance, so long as the will to succeed is there, anyone who tripped up on the last bar is a person who can walk forward, someone who can PASS the next exam.

You don't get to take the bar exam without a huge investment, and many steps of proving yourself worthy. Even if the statistical chances of passing are lower because of your GPA in law school or other factors, you can still do it.
With the proper guidance and preparation, you can.

If you were a person who at the first stumbles simply left the path and looked for a smoother trail, you would not have finished law school, let alone applied for and sat for an entire bar examination. No way.

The fact that you got far enough to TAKE the test is proof of your potential.

Now, to get up, brush yourself off, and realize that potential.

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Butterflyfish said...

do you have an email address for the blog?

EJ said...

Butterflyfish said...

that's not an email address, I mean like yahoo or gmail.

Tina said...

Hi EJ,

Stumbled upon your blog while checking out Butterflyfish. I'm a repeater myself so I feel your pain ;) My business partner and I actually created a set of recordings that I used my second time around that were incredibly helpful to me. We offered them to Butterflyfish and would be happy to extend the same offer to you. To find out more about them, go to If you'd like to try a set on us, email me at:

Happy Studying :)