Friday, May 15, 2009

Stolen Lines #4

Feeling both empowered and terrified as I drove into work, I looked up at the sky and started talking.

"Dear God, I know I should not be asking for anything right now but I am asking you to make everything okay. I know I should be thankful that I have a job, and good family and friends and an awesome dog, but it still feels like it all has come crashing down. Why me? I worked so hard, I knew the law? I could spit out the execution of a will in sing song form to the beat of thriller! Well I guess none of that really matters. I guess it all comes down to those damn multiple choice questions. God, can you please inflict slight pain to the people who developed those questions? I mean don't kill them or anything just sort of scare them a little. Perhaps maybe when one of the MBE people is eating breakfast one morning, they look down at their cereal bowl and a snake jumps out. I mean something really cool like that. Okay, I know I am supposed to forgive. But it is really hard, I mean how can my entire legal career be on hold because I can not tell the difference between:

a) D is not liable because his act was not the proximate cause of V's injuries
b) D is not liable because his reckless act was not the direct but for cause of V's injuries
c) D is liable because his really crappy act of bashing V's head with a baseball bat during a softball game was the cause of V's head exploding
d) All of the above
God, I am going to try this again, and I ask for your strength and support to get me through another grueling 12 weeks. But most importantly, I ask that you please show the MBE people how to be merciful...and if that doesn't work then can you just send me a copy of the answers. Thanks"

*I Stole the first line of this post from Stay Tuned, by Jenniffer Weigel

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