Monday, June 15, 2009

Away We Go

So why does the idea of raging hipsters growing up make me cry. Not sure, but that is what happened when I was out on date night with the Midwestern on Friday. I know I should have been reciting the definition of Joint Tenancies or spitting out the type of scrutiny a law gets. Instead I was drinking a vodka martini at Tabla Bread Bar and on my way to see a indie romantic comedy. I could not help but relate to this movie, even though I am not barefoot and pregnant. Nor do I live in a shack or draw the insides of dead people (see the movie for clarification). But yet I was so sure that the movie was based on the Midwestern and me. So I won't spoil it for all who have not seen it. Instead I will spend all week catching up on studying for the whole day lost (because I was useless until late afternoon on Sat), but it was the best night I have had in awhile.

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