Friday, June 26, 2009

I am running to the building and I don't recognize anything. There are three huge buildings and of course I am late looking for the room. Why am I late? Why didn't I get up 2 hours in advance? No worries, I will be at most 1 min in by the time they start the exam. I finally get there, my heart is racing a million miles a minute and I sit down.

"Is that your seat?" Says the girl next to me.
I look perplexed "Um can't we just sit anywhere?"
"No", she exclaims "Go find the proctor they will give you your seat."

I rush over to the proctor and get my seat assignment, in the meantime I try to sharpen my pencil and it breaks, so I try again. It is now the 3rd pencil and they keep breaking on me. (Screw it! Work with the half sharpened one...who cares). I sit down. (Not as good as the other seat but it will do). Then I start. (Okay maybe I missed 2-3 questions at most, but I am a speed reader and I was getting through the practice questions in less than a minute, piece of cake to catch up). That was until I saw the head at the side of my face and then I saw the face... sick and green. (No, no, no. Please don't throw up, not on me. Not now!) You hear about this and I always thought it was an urban legen like the women who ran up and down the aisle screaming "I am covenant running with the land". But it was too late, I was a goner. I get up in awe and shock and run to a proctor. "What do I do?" She stares at me with contempt. "Go clean up and hurry!" I stare at her "Do I get extra time? I have to right?" No response. So I run to the bathroom, where is it? Oh these hallways are so long and windy. I spent what feels like an hour looking for the bathroom, people directing me every which way but the right way. Trying to find the room on my way back was worse, am I in the wrong building? Can't be. Whatever it was it was an eternity, and yes I was in another building. After sweating and running, I find the room. (How much time has passed?) (How late am I?) OMG, I sit down and Jack is in the corner and worried. Then another guy looks at me and whispers, "You might as well just leave now. You missed about 30 minutes, you will never catch up." I look at him, get a huge lump in my throat. (Is he right? Should I just quit?) I keep thinking: I will catch up, and I will.... or should I just walk out? How can I face everyone if I fail again? could I move to another state? But it is stupid to think I can catch up after losing 30 minutes? Will the proctor give me time for the whole vomit incident? And then I look... I am missing Questions 1-90! What! I run to the proctor, she looks at me again and says
"Oh well I guess you lost the pages, not our fault nor is it our responsibility"
"Now what!?" I exclaim
"We may or may not be able to find you another book, nothing else we can do sorry........."


DISCLAIMER: This is exactly my nightmare from last night, might seem funny and outrageous but very real to me. I am scared shit, that is all I can say.

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