Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catch me I am Falling

I did not win a seat for the NJ Bar exam laptop lottery. I should be crying, I should be freaking out. But instead I am laughing. I think that the humor in the obstacles that have been thrown my way is God's way of playing with me. I think he is in Heavan right now having a good laugh, and I need to have a good laugh with him. I mean is it not difficult enough that I need to increase 9 scaled points in order to pass, or is it difficult enough that I had a copy guy tell me that if he failed the bar exam by a few points he would kill himself. Or is it bad enough that I NEED to pass or who knows if I will have a job in the worst economy in 15 yrs or is it difficult enough I am working full time and studying. HMMM, nah thats peanuts. Now let me have to hand write 7 essays in 7 hours which I have not done in 4 years. I am not sure if they would like to also put a bear in the room, which comes by during the exam and roars in your face that might work too. At this point, shoot paint pellets at my face while I hand write this thing. NJ BOE give me all you got!

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog, and I happen to live in NJ too! For what it's worth, I hope life rewards you soon and that you keep in good spirits to stay fighting. Best wishes!