Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I will always love youuuuu!

The other night, I spent hours listening to cheezy love songs. No, I am not in love or depressed. However, by the end of my cheese session, I was. Depressed, that is. Depressed, that people listen to this stuff. I want to believe someone has got to like these songs. Such as Bryan Adams "everything I do for you", or Richard Marx "right here waiting. Let's not forget Meatloaf with "I will do anything, but I won't do that." Which has now become a soda commercial. Is that what happens to these bad love songs? They either make their way into a wedding or two over the years, or magically pop up on a car commercial between bad sitcoms on WB. It is sad that the people who write the lyrics are pouring their heart and soul into these songs, and years later they end up on VH1's best worst songs. Well, there is always that 15 year old who will dedicate it to her boyfriend of the moment, or who listens to it over and over again eating a box of bom-boms while crying over a recent break up. Was that me 6 months ago...? Well I am definitely not 15 yrs old, but I also must have a heart of stone. Because the only songs I listened to were Judas Priest's "cheater", and my personal favorite by Three Days Grace "I hate everything about you." I think it was good therapy. The last thing I needed was to end up on America's Most Wanted. It would have been hard to explain that one to the ABA. Even though, we were told at school, that the ABA is usually lenient toward public urination. So maybe they would have overlooked a minor public castration. Hey, you never know! The good news, I moved on. For a couple of months now, it seems the only thing on my playlist is the background music on (S)Cinemax. I think that is much healthier. I am sure so does the new beau ;)

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