Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wanted Skilled Stonemasons for Long Term Project

All my life, I have always thought of myself as in control. In control of my job, my school, friends, boyfriends.. Which is probably why most people in my life don't have control over anything in theirs (except you Jet Lee). Hear me out, before all my friends start bailing on me. What I am trying to say is, I have always liked being the one who tries to "help" people, when in the end the only person that really needed help is me. Okay, are you all back now? Whew! Yep, so you heard me right folks. This whole time I was in faux control. Because if I really did have things under control, then why do people keep telling me what I really need is someone else "just" like me? Obviously, I'm not very good at controlling my subliminal messages. Who the hell wants two of "me?" It's kind of like putting the batteries into the remote with the two plus signs facing together. It ain't going to work! Maybe if people weren't so busy offering up the spot to someone else, they would notice there is no 'pass on go'. It is more like loose your turn, and you give your die to the person on your right. Nobody realizes this, because like Mary Poppins I always seem to be sugar coating everything. When in reality I just wanted to be all I can be (no army jokes please) so that no one would have a reason not to be with me. Makes sense? Well, I'm sure most of you psych majors are nodding your heads. However, based on the high turnover rate in my life, I have decided to change career paths. Ladies, and gentlemen, I have chosen to take up brick laying in my older years, and I seem to be damn well good at it. Who would have known? Well, I guess after all these years of hanging out on the construction site, I seemed to pick up the skill pretty darn well. So there is a happy ending, because I am back to being in control of the most important item in my life. For those of you still up for the challenge, you better start learning how to work a jack hammer.

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