Saturday, March 05, 2005

K's rolf por detrás

My temp Asian boyfriend (because I don't have a perm American boyfriend-any volunteers?) was rolfed last week. I know that sounds like some dirty homoerotic episode, but it really is a massage. This therapy is said to restructure both physical and psychological problems. They awaken past trauma by massage. I can't imagine wanting to pay someone to stir up past emotional trauma for me. How is that a pleasant experience? When I think of a massage, I think of some hot young muscular man with his strong large hands massaging my breasts. Oops! Wrong massage. What I really meant is I usually think of laying down in a spa bed, relaxed, getting all the stress out of of my body, not back into it! The last thing I want is for a massage to alter my mood back to a worse mood then when I walked in the door. Not to mention, that now I also have to pay $100 to have done that. If I wanted to get some psychological stress awoken in my body, I could just drink myself into a frenzy or have a session at my shrink and call it a day. I already have enough problems with the idea of paying someone to listen to me whine and complain about my life just for them to tell me I have issues. No kidding! I knew that before I laid down on that sofa. For me, my best form of therapy is dropping $300 at Stuart Weitzman not $300 at Dr. Weitzman. So I guess I wont be getting rolfed anytime soon. But I will be getting wolfed soon, but that's another blog for another day.

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