Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Will you marry me?

The past two weeks, I have spent most of my free time looking at apts in NYC. As a (sudo) single girl, who wouldn't want to live in the big apple. Especially, with all the ripe ones ready to be picked! In my search for a decent living space, I have been introduced to 12th floor walk ups, pre-war buildings that should have went down with the war, and no pet apartments (who wouldn't love Spikey?) I say, they should have a no child policy in some of these buildings. I much rather have to deal with dogs in the elevator then having to deal with a 2 yr old kicking and screaming because they want to press the button. I have been quite disappointed with the selection of 700 sq foot apts. God forbid, I would like to open my door without it hitting the toilet, or knocking over the dishes in the kitchen sink. Recently, I did find a great two bedroom by Central park, but to my dismay I would probably have to sell my first born to afford the monthly payments. Not that I am opposed to giving up my child, but I would hate having to deal with the talk around the table at Thanksgiving. So, I have decided that the only smart thing to do in order to be able to move into NYC is to get married. No, no, not for love. Come on, let's not be hasty! I just figured, there are so many financial reasons why you should get married. Not only do you get tax benefits if your married, but you also get to split the mortgage and the down payment 50%. Then when you get divorced, you get your 50% back as well as his too. Sounds like a great return on your investment if you ask me! I mean of course you have the dilemma of always having to sleep with the same guy everyday. Imagine someone told you, for the rest of your life you had to eat the same bowl of cheerios everyday. I mean you got to admit, sometimes you just want to go honey nut one day. Nevertheless, I am sure the positives outweigh the negatives, and if they don't. Just remember, life insurance, a good balcony, and your all set.

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