Tuesday, March 22, 2005

If what?

Girls, think back to all the guys you dated, and I am sure we can all come up with that one guy who we did not end up with but would of, could of, should of. That is the "what if" guy. The guy that we wonder "what if...?" Then we hope one day we bump into this guy and he is big, bald and broke (dealbreaker, the 3 B's). Instead, we always seem to run into the "what if" guy when he is looking dashing, distinguished, and delicious (Don't you just love the "d" guy or the "d" on the guy) Sorry, back to our regularly scheduled program. So, why can't all the "what if" guys be shipped off to some deserted island? That way, there is never a chance of a run-in's when we are looking our worst. Either in sweaty sweats and a ponytail, or that recently hung over look as we are running out to buy some Pepto. But, I guess it would not be that fun if they all disappeared. Because, then we would have no one to call in case the current BF does not work out. Unfortunately, I screwed up my chances with my "what if" guy. I used up all my get out of jail free cards. Every time, I had a bad break up, boom speed dial baby! He must have figured me out or just got tired of being the back up man who never quite backs up into anything. You see, you can't really make the "what if" guy the "right now" guy. Everyone has their time and place. Kind of like the caste system, and there is no moving up or around (around and up well thats another thing). Ultimately, I might have to find a new back up plan. What if there is no what if?

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bitsandgiggles said...

It's been a week! I need a new post! Hope all is going well now that the crew is back from Detroit!