Monday, March 21, 2005

NY State of Mind

While sitting on the runway for about 30 minutes returning from my trip, I was still recuperating. Besides the dancing, drinking, and FAQ by border patrol in Windsor, I was still aching. Is there a muscle between the small of your back and your ass? Don't ask. Nevertheless, I am an avid believer of the saying "no pain, no gain." The funny thing is that this weekend the Detroit Marriott was the home to not only me, but also a "hair" convention. So my run-ins included a lot of tie-dyed bobs, and crew cut billys. But I still think that the worst was the infant on the floor of the hotel bar. You heard right. Apparently, in other parts of the United States, it is okay for you to bring your 6 month old to a loud, smoky bar and put him/her on the floor. I am guessing the parents were aiming for a real world experience, not relizing that by morning DYFS might be knocking on their door. This trip was anything but boring. Aside from the hours of "do not disturb" in the BF's hotel room, I did learn that I can def get used to hotel living. Turn down service, room service, bell boy service, bed boy service. All the luxuries of the rich life. Who can ask for anything more? However, Detroit Michigan is not the place I would want to have my hotel life. Besides, baby carpets and Anita Baker, I can't imagine Detroit offering me much else. Let us not forget the two restaurants within a mile radius (one which includes IHOP - is that a restaurant?), and the fact that the taxi drivers do speak English, but don't use meters. "Give me whatever you want." Great way to earn a living buddy! No wonder this city is dying of poverty. Well, I am back home now, with my non-English speaking taxi drivers that instead jack up the meter, and give me advice on bearing children. "Those hips, good for babies, yah"
I love NY.

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