Monday, February 28, 2005

Passengers, please buckle your seat belts

Why is it when you give a guy what he wants he always changes what he ordered? You would think that most men would jump at the chance to have a relationship without the mess, yet they still seem to create strings even when they are not attached. It is a no win situation. Kind of like the last 20 seconds of the 4th quarter with two of your best players on the bench. I am out of ideas! You give too little, you're selfish, you give too much you're smothering. The only smothering that I would like to do right now involves my pillow and someone gasping for air. Guys, little do you realize, careful what you ask for. You see women can turn their emotions on and off. However, once they are off, lets just say...You usually need to rewire the entire thing before you even think you are getting that light to turn on again. It's like the fear of flying. You can't see where you are going, the bottom feels like an abyss, but after you swallow the pit in your stomach and you reach 30,000 feet above sea level, it's smooth sailing. Even though I live by the rule "don't expect too much and you will get what's expected." I am trying not to be so cynical in 2005, because I would hate to turn into a 30 year who is still scared of getting on a plane. Let's be honest, the "high mile club" is just one of the many perks of flying the friendly skies. So I suppose I will just wait for my miles to run out, and until there are no more upgrades to first class left. Then I will just have to accept that the fact I will be sitting in coach for the remainder of the ride. That is so long as I am near the emergency exit of course! (wink)

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