Monday, February 07, 2005

Sex, friends, and videotape

One can say sleeping with someone upgrades you to a "relationship". Except for "one night stands" which hold a special place of things NOT to tell the kids. Others may argue that you can only reach relationship land once you pass the statute of limitations. For me, I have spent most of my life trying to play the game of waiting for the "girlfriend" word to drop from their mouth before I drop anything. After a couple of failed long-term relationships, I decided to stop putting off and start putting out. Hear me out before we all jump to conclusions that I have begun a career on 42nd street. In my search for love, I have decided to turn to our friend Janis. "Don’t you know when you’re loving anybody, you're taking a gamble on a little sorrow, But then who cares, baby,’cause we may not be here tomorrow, no. And if anybody should come along, He gonna give you any love and affection, I’d say get it while you can!" Who would have thought that even in the haziness of drugs, alcohol and rock and roll that she was able to write words to live by. So with my new founded knowledge, I did not turn my back on love with the hopes of finding it. I can not say for sure if the whole sex before the chicken strategy will work, but I know I am having a good time testing out the theory. Also, I look forward to the day when I can update this blog with stories of a new found love that was created on the basis of sex, a friend and the sixties.

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