Tuesday, February 15, 2005

References upon request

I have been dating for 14 years, no I am not as old as it sounds. I am just what you call an early bloomer. Nevertheless, with all these years under my belt you would think I would know all the answers to dating. Except that men do not come with manuals (as they should). I mean I have tried it all. Playing hard to get, playing easy to get, being romantic, not being romantic, cheating, being faithful. Yet in the end, men are never satisfied. You see, if we cheat, we get the only guy in the world that believes in monogamy. If we don't cheat, we end up getting the guys with the "cant keep it in" problem. However, some people have figured out a way to make cheating respectable. They call themselves "sex addicts." Amazing! I wish I could come up with some medical term every time I want to sleep around. Like the "quicker picker upper". At some point or another, I am sure we have all suffered from the boring bedroom syndrome. But we should not let this bring us into temptation. Luckily for me, as of 2005, I am no longer settling for less of anything. The new beau is proof of that resolution. Let's just hope this one doesn't screw things up (or screw anything for that matter). Because, let's be honest gals, we can't keep renewing the warranty. Sometimes, you just gotta buy a new one.

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