Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In the market for meat

Since I have given up shopping for Lent, I was forced the other night to pull out the "date outfit" which I was saving for my next outing. Okay things are a little slow lately, but no worries, I still have the tickets on the "guaranteed to get some" little black dress. I cant wait to see when that dress will come out and play. So I headed out to one of my favorite restaurants Markt. Yes, I know there is no "e" between the k and t - it is spelled that way. You know these trendy restaurants are always trying to be uniqe. I became familiar with this restaurant on my last rendezvous with the V.P. (names have been changed to protect the privacy of those mentioned). He wined and dined me only to be tossed to the side for the younger more eligible bachelor (hmm, that would explain why he is not returning my calls). That evening, after two martinis (the only thing I don't like dirty) I was well on my way to realizing - I need to get out more often. The neighborhood of choice, the meat packing district, is just filled with good looking people who probably have a bunch of acronyms at the end of their name. The once butcher shop of NYC is not only a hang out for swine during the day, but also for fresh meat at night. I expect to be pulling out the little black dress soon. However, not the one listed above. I am saving that dress for a particular "going away." I want to make sure I send someone off with a bang, or if I'm lucky it will be me.

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