Monday, February 14, 2005

When is old too old?

Sean Connery was once rated one of the most sexiest men alive by People magazine. No one thought twice about the fact that he is way past the age of getting a discount on the subway. So why is it okay to drool over him, but if someone saw me flirting with the guy in the nursing home I would get the look of death? Could it be that when money is thrown into the picture all of a sudden the wrinkles disappear? Is it bags to riches? I will admit, I am guilty of just that. For a long time, I was always attracted to the older more distinguished men. But, my last fling I think met the limit, 20 years my senior was pushing it. Especially, when his son and I had more in common than we did. It is too bad, as the fancy dinners, trendy bars, and expensive gifts were nice while they lasted. However, let's be honest a few crows feet is okay when you are staring at each others eyes under candlelight. But take that into the bedroom, and well..No one wants to see any crows feet anywhere else but there. Not to mention, who wants to have all the lights off? No fun in that! I mean I want to see what I am about to venture, and if the road less traveled has been traveled too much. Let's just say, I am starting to think 30 year olds (or one 30 yr old in particular) fit me just fine. Besides, there is always a round two or three with them, and no need from the help of the little blue pill.

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