Monday, February 07, 2005

Foot in mouth

I decided in the beginning of this semester that I was going to try to participate more in class. In one of my attempts the other night, the professor asked a question. "What is the procedure for filing a notice of voluntary dismissal, and when can you file?" No one ever said law school was exciting. So I am reading the FRCP on-line, because my book has proved to be inaccurate. It happened one day when I got called on in between IM conversations. It was then I realized I was reciting class action when the rule was for discovery- all for the savings of $10. I raise my hand. "You must file before a motion for summary judgment". The teacher looks at me with this strange look as if I said her suit blazer did not match her pants. She then asks me where did I get this information. "In the book". Logically! Did she think I was pulling this out of my...Well you know. I began to get nervous. I read the rule again and say "It is on Rule 41 (a) (I)". Was I one upping the teacher? She begins to stop the class to open her book to this rule. Of course by this time, I am working up a sweat. Could it be that the internet version was in fact wrong? No, not Google! But it was too late she read the rule aloud, and low and behold there it was...I was right. And she was BEET RED. But the teacher did not look too happy with her discovery(no pun intended). As a matter of fact, she looked down right angry. She continues the lecture with no further mention of this rule. My friend nudged me "Smooth move, pissing of the teacher." After class, another student tells me I am nominated for teacher of the year award. So there it is, I made sure I got noticed alright. My goal was to improve my grade, but instead the professor will always remember that I was the one who "one-upped".

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bitsandgiggles said...

Amen! I loved watching you stick it to the man!