Saturday, February 12, 2005

D-day or V-day?

Every year, thousands of flowers, chocolates, candy, and gifts are exchanged between couples. Whether you are in a new relationship or a 25 year marriage, we are all victims of this holiday. The stores are making a fortune, guilting us into believing if we do not buy these items we don't love you. Isn't it bad enough that Christmas has become a money making scam? Must we subject ourselves to spending lots of money only two months after we maxed out our credit cards? We are still recooperating! I do not want to sound like a bitter, single woman that hates v-day. I am not single, bitter..maybe. Does anyone know how this holiday even started? Legend says that Saint Valentine was in jail when he fell in love with the jailor's daughter and wrote a letter, signed "from your valentine". Other legends say that Valentine was a priest that performed marriages in secret during the time of Emperor Claudius II and was persecuted. How is this a happy day? Jail, persecution, death. This does not sound like a very romantic holiday. Nevertheless, magazines like Cosmo use up all 250 pages writing about "what men want", "how to make someone fall in love with you", "100 ways to say I love you", and of course the infamous "How to have the best sex ever". If anyone thinks that a magazine article will give them the answer to true love, or a few kama sutra moves, you are mistaken. Instead, you should always do something sweet for your loved one every day of the year, not just o n Feb.14th.

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W. Kerry Huang said...

Note that all V-day hearts are basically a pair of woman's underwear put together: bra on top, panties on the bottom. Telling, isn't it.

Go buy a tube of PB and eat it with a spoon. HOT!